The Veloce Directive is a very simple concept; to deliver the most beautiful, yet aggressive designed wheels, using the highest standards of construction at an affordable cost.

The criteria for this project are ‘Style and Design’ using the latest technologies from around the world to produce a range of wheels that are not only stylish, but are the Highest Quality available.

The designers at Veloce realised that most vehicles are used every day, so the wheels had to be manufactured to stand up to the British and European Climate. Manufacturing the wheels by ‘Low Pressure Casting’ they would be assured of the wheel’s structural integrity and reliability. The wheels carry a weight index or weight load capability of 715 Kilos, which means they are capable of supporting extreme loads, so very usable for road or track.

Veloce realised from extensive market research that most customers would demand some form of Polished Dish or Rim Section, so again to reduce the effect of ‘European Climates’ they incorporated a diamond cut and lacquered rim section. They were assured of a finish that would be corrosion free for the life of the wheel, giving the wheel its final Crown of Beauty.

Next came the actual design of the wheel. Veloce were aware that some manufacturers had gone for the ‘Bling’ effect, so it was decided to go for traditional qualities that would enhance the already perfect lines of your car. Wheels that would still allow the car to be seen, yet enhance the overall appearance and drive-ability.

Veloce wheels are available in two standard factory finishes to complement to colour of your car, Sterling Silver and Granite Black. We do now have the ability to match the wheel colour to any of our customer requirements. This is available at an additional cost and generally will add about 14 days to the delivery time.

Have a look at the ever-expanding range of Veloce wheels and you decide for yourself . . . have we fulfilled the Veloce Directive We think we have!